The Thief

The Thief

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Josh DeLeenheer

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Mink are exceptional hunters and swimmers, capable of diving underwater in search of food sources. The two varieties of mink, European and American, are found extensively throughout the northern hemisphere. The American mink have also been introduced to Europe and have displaced a significant portion of the European mink, who are not as aggressive and adaptable as their relatives.

Mink are also known widely for their fur, which is highly coveted by those who do not ethically object to killing animals for their fur. They are also capable of contracting some diseases from humans, primarily in farms where the mink are bred and raised. Over 17 million mink were culled in 2020 in Denmark alone to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. Were the animals not held captive in farms though we not have that risk to begin with. It’s time to end the use of fur and protect wild species from the cruelty inflicted by the fur industry.


Print Sizing and Formatting

9" x 11" (8” x 10” image with 0.5” border)

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Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

The Artist

Josh DeLeenheer

Josh DeLeenheer is a Canadian photographer with a lifelong passion for conservation. His love of the natural environment and the wildlife that inhabit it shows in his his work as he captures animals in candid and uninhibited moments. By purchasing one of his fine art images you can share in those experiences and relive them from the comfort of your home, office, or any place you wish to adorn.