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Rain Maker

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Bears are often elusive animals until they enter their annual hyperphagia stage shortly before they hibernate. Their constant need to increase their fat stores to enable them to survive through winter drives them to seek food wherever they can. For those bears fortunate to live near salmon-bearing rivers and streams, there is an abundant supply of food to sustain them.

When salmon enter a river in close proximity to a community, both the salmon and the bears are at risk from the ignorance of people. I have spent may days patiently awaiting the arrival of bears coming to feed, only to witness people deliberately harassing both the salmon and the bears. My experiences are echoed by every other photographer that I have spoken to. Consideration for others, especially wildlife, is sadly lacking in North American culture. In the absence of consideration, rules and laws are created, which often restrict people who are thoughtful of others. We all suffer for the actions of the few.


Josh DeLeenheer
printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss


The Artist

Josh DeLeenheer

Josh DeLeenheer is a Canadian photographer with a lifelong passion for conservation. His love of the natural environment and the wildlife that inhabit it shows in his his work as he captures animals in candid and uninhibited moments. By purchasing one of his fine art images you can share in those experiences and relive them from the comfort of your home, office, or any place you wish to adorn.