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Josh DeLeenheer

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The grey haze silhouetting the trees behind the Pacific harbour seal in this image is actually intense smoke carried north from the wildfires that raged throughout Washington, Oregon, and California in the summer of 2020. Wildfires have grown considerably in intensity and frequency in countries throughout the world in recent years primarily as a result of climate change.

Like us, animals living in areas affected by wildfires are subjected to the resulting smoke. Unlike us, however, they have nowhere that they can go to escape it. Pacific harbour seals as with all aquatic mammals must surface to breath. They also haul out of the ocean to rest on rocks, shorelines, and islands. In spite of the smoke, this seal found some comfort on the rock as it arched its body and stretched its flipper.


Print Sizing and Formatting

13" x 19" (12” x 18” image with 0.5” border)

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Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

The Artist

Josh DeLeenheer

Josh DeLeenheer is a Canadian photographer with a lifelong passion for conservation. His love of the natural environment and the wildlife that inhabit it shows in his his work as he captures animals in candid and uninhibited moments. By purchasing one of his fine art images you can share in those experiences and relive them from the comfort of your home, office, or any place you wish to adorn.